Green Housekeeping Policy

Shorelands is Striving to be Green.
To this end we use environmentally friendly, green cleaning products where ever possible. Please help us work towards a Green Planet and caring for our environment by reducing the usage of water, energy, and potentially harmful detergents.

Please read the rules below so you can help us achieve our goal towards a greener planet.

  • If you are staying longer than 3 nights, we will change your sheets and towels and clean your unit after the 3rd or 4th night of your stay.

Should you need something sooner,

  • Please show our housekeepers your room key and ask for help.
  • They will gladly accommodate you for a small fee added to your room:
  • Additional sheet change – $10
  • Additional Cleaning – $5
  • Additional towels – $3

We thank you so much for your participation!